The Nan Inc Owner, Nan Chul Shin is not only known for his general construction projects but he and his company Nan Inc has also contributed in preserving the historic structures of Hawaii. The Hawaii general contractor has a deep building knowledge and strong technical know-how about the various construction fields as a result of which his team Nan Inc is able to manage so many crucial projects in the Hawaii state. It is this teamwork and deep-rooted principles of the Nan Inc Owner that has made him a public figure in this industry. Today, he is known for successfully completing many high-profile contracts, for which he has also been awarded many awards and accreditations.

This proficiency, work quality and hardworking team of the Hawaii general contractor bagged him a big historic project, which was offered to him by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A $64,130,000 project was about renovating the four buildings that form a historic quadrangle known as “Quad E”. With an area of 340,000 square feet, the Quad was built in 1920 and is a significant structure in Schofield Barracks, which has also been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Previously, it was designed as an open bay barracks complex with infinite rows of bunks but the team Nan Inc has now upgraded it into a two individual bedroom unit structure, consisting of a private bathroom and a kitchen equipped with a range oven.

These are apartment-like barrack units, occupying two of the building in the Quad, which serves up to 300 soldiers. Its other buildings constitute two Battalion Headquarters, seven Company Operation Facilities, many classrooms and conference rooms along with a gym and a central plant. The other amenities cover large parking lots with anti-terrorists requirements, two exterior basketball courts, and a barbecue pavilion. The Hawaii general contractor, Nan Chul Shin and his team Nan Inc renovated the place by keeping all its seismic codes in mind and minutely worked on its each part to retain the original facade and features of the Quad E. The team used the shotcrete technique for this project and was also awarded a Historic Preservation Honor Award by Historic Hawaii Foundation for their great work.

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Furthermore, the renewal of “Quad C” was also in the hands of Nan Inc. This was the second major renovation of historic Quads at a contract amount of $58,346,000. It was the Phase 3A project, which was about renewing the four buildings that were built in 1918. It is a 344,000 square feet area that makes up the quadrangle known as Quad C. Having almost same features like Quad E, it has one large Battalion Headquarters and five Company Operation Facilities. In addition to the amenities of Quad E, it has a sand volleyball court followed by a large gear wash and recreational pavilion. The Hawaii general contractor renovated it in the same way like Quad E and was presented the same award for this project as well.

In this way, the Nan Inc owner helped in preserving the reflections of ancient Hawaii.